jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008


En esta ultima entrada a mi blog, solo quiero agradecer a todos por haber permanecido juntos estos últimos seis periodos. Al maestro por la oportunidad que nos dio de compartir un poco mas de su conocimiento.

Desde la primer entrada que publique, sentí que esto seria un poco complicado de continuar, puesto que tenia muy poca practica con el uso de la computadora y con estos nuevos programas. Además de que como no cuento con computadora propia...Pensé que no lograría competir, por así decirlo con algunos de mis compañeros.

Ahora me doy cuenta que hacer estas publicaciones si me han ayudado porque me hicieron pensar rápido a la hora de escribir, sobre todo porque lo hice muy a la carrera.
Ojala y todavía sigamos viéndolo en esta universidad. Será un verdadero placer decir que aprobé su materia y me/nos acordaremos que pasamos buenos momentos cantando, y también tuvimos algunos no muy buenos, pero de esos no nos acordaremos…. Creo que eso es todo y G R A C I A S…


Fuel Freedom International. I think that this is a good company that tries to preserve the environment, just check it. It produce mpg- caps that are a kind of tablets by helping the environment and also your economy, because they are by saving gas, only put it into the tank before you fill it.

Around five months later I went to a presentation of this product, and I thought it’s not true but when I use it in the car’s tank I could see the saving. So I went to a second time to the meeting to knew more bout the company and about the product, there I remember was a person that was very successful in the company distributed the tablets, also I could see the philosophy of the company and I said! I like it.

Until that time, I didn’t knew that the product were distributed around 150 countries I the world and that the tablets were used in the car racing. I knew too at the president of the company that is a USA multimillionaire that in only 3 years distributed the product it was recognized as a very good product and that in another countries the product was in the news because the success. More inf. Visit http://www.ffi.com/ or ask me.


Both had been a good way to get know about local, national and international news and events. Newspaper provides us information and events, news in a written form and the radio provide us information in a speaking form.

Both have similarities among their productions, each one try to transmit objective information through different sections they have. Another similarity is that wherever we go we could know about the events that happen around the world, just having a radio or a mobile phone that has it or getting the newspaper that is cheaper in whatever place we are.

Newspaper has a great influence, because most of the people can buy it, and also because there are a lot in the street or in wherever place we are. On the other hand, the radio is a good way to transmit information, because when there is no light we could get batteries and listen to the radio. Furthermore, we listen to the news or the programs when we are traveling and it improves our imagination when we listen to the radio.

In conclusion, radio provides quickly information, just having a cell phone or a radio and sometimes the ways it transmits modify the way we are. The newspaper is good, because help us to forget our routine reading a little bit.


My friends and I have a lot of adventures. I remember one time when we decided to go out; it was really excited because it was the first time I was out with them. We went to the discotheque when the girls wanted to go out.

First, we went to a girl’s house and we the boys were waiting for the girls a very long time. After all they out, then all of we went to the downtown in the two partner’s cars, been in the downtown we decided to get the dinner before go inside. Inside of the place happen a lot of things that I prefer don’t tell anything. I think that it’s the beginning of a very good relationship... And I hope partners that always WE CONTINUE WITH OUR EXCELLENT RELATIONSHIP...


Now I want to share a little bit of my work. This week I’m really happy, because I’m learning how could I be a better teacher, other thing that makes me happy is because there all of the teachers are nice, also in my school are cheaper breakfast for each of my students and for the teachers too.

I have around 89 students divided in three groups; I have two second grades and one sixth grade, each one are very different, in sixth grade most of them are boys and I like to work with they because it makes remember my elementary school, because when I was there most of my classmates were boys. On the other hand in second grades I like to work, because the children are really affectionate and always make me smile.
BY Edgar Allan Poe

I think I agree with the idea that the raven symbolises death itself. In most traditional pieces of literature, death has always been associated with birds of black plumage, whether it be a crow, blackbird or raven. The repetitious 'nevermore' could symbolise that death is unstoppable as well as inevitable, that it'll occur generation after generation - repeating itself time and time again. Alright, the ideology is a little depressing.

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is a dark reflection on lost love, death, and loss of hope. The poem examines the emotions of a young man who has lost his lover to death and who tries unsuccessfully to distract himself from his sadness through books.


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